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Kvarner Bay- The Most Underrated Holiday Destination in Croatia

Kvarner Bay-Croatia might be the best place you might want to visit for a holiday experience in Croatia but it is worth a try. It has some of the best and interesting places that once you visit will give you a lifetime experience. Apart from the places, there are foods, beaches and so much more. The only way you can experience this is by visiting the place and seeing for yourself. Do you know what is going to be explained here? The best places of all time that you can visit on your next vacation. That's right…Kvarner bay is located in the northern Adriatic Sea is a part of the internal waters of Croatia. It has several islands the biggest being Cres, Krk, Pag, Rab, and Losinj. You can also decide to remain inland and not wander into the islands.

Best of The Islands

Each of the main islands in Kvarner Bay-Croatia provides you with a unique side of adventure that you will not want to miss out on. Here are some of the islands what they offer: Krk Island Krk island should be your top priority once you decide to visit Kvarner bay Croatia. The island is endorsed with beautiful sites and places all with a great choice of things you can do to enjoy yourself maximally. Being the largest island, Krk island's attractions include:

The Krk Cathedral

Find some time and go to this cathedral whether you are a religious person or not. The church hosts the roman catholic diocese of Krk and is a magnificent structure build with a unique architectural design that you will fall in love with. Visiting this place, you will know more about the roman catholic church, see the marble altar and even the Madonna among other things of religious importance.

St. Donat Church

The Krk island seems to harbor a lot of interesting features on the church and Christianity. This is yet another great place that you cannot fail to visit. Its unique design is also something that makes it a very interesting place to go to. It is made mostly of stones and has this look of a dungeon.

Rab Island

Another island that is endowed with wonderful features and sites to visit is the Rab Island. The island is particularly good when it comes to depicting medieval history. Get to experience the Rabska Fjera which simply means the Medieval Festival. The Festival takes one back into the 15th century. How about that? Simply interesting. Away from medieval errands, there is a beach on the island. Suha Punta beach is a large island that will take the stress of life out of you and give you a relaxing feeling that you have never had before. How about some beach experience mixed with seafood for dinner in Rab Town?

Losinj Island

The best thing that you could do and enjoy yourself on this amazing island will be to visit the marine center that is found there. The marine center is purely meant to care for dolphins and turtles. These are some of the beautiful creatures you will not want to miss out when you visit Kvarner Bay-Croatia.

Inland Adventures

Away from the islands, a whole new experience awaits you when you stay inland. Here, you will experience port cities to your fullest and just be careful in case you forget to go back home. Here are some of the best places inland that have amazing attractions that you cannot miss out on.

###Rijeka Croatia You cannot escape the adventures of Rijeka, the third-largest city in Croatia. It harbors a whole world of culture, festivals, and other adventures that you will not find anywhere else. The best places here include:

Trsat Castle

This is a very old castle that has been in existence since the 13th century. It was built by the Frankopan Dukes and sits on a hill in this city. It has unique history and mysteries including one that says that it is guarded by Basilisks which are believed to be some legendary creatures.

Museum of Torpedoes

How about a trip to the only museum in the world that explores the concept behind torpedoes, a very crucial 19th-century invention? It is indeed very interesting for you to visit and learn about its history among other important things about torpedoes.


Another part of the inland that you have to visit is Opatija. It is easily accessed and has some of the best hotels and beautiful villas. You will not have had any nice experience in Kvarner Bay if you haven't seen the following in Opatija:

Lungomare Opatija

Experience the best of nature by walking on this promenade. It connects the waterfront of the town and as you walk by the sea using it, you get to see nature in its full blossom especially the sea.

The open-air theatre

Well, no one ever goes to Opatija without passing by this amazing open-air theatre. Some people even do not go there to watch the shows but rather to experience a nice serene environment. The theatre is in a green peninsula called the Angiolina park by the sea. The stone walls as well as the greenery completes the profile of the open-air theatre. It is a heaven that you should not just pass by.

Ičići Beach

The beach is located in a town in the Opatija region that goes by the same name. what is not known about this beach and which is of major importance is that it has been awarded a Blue Flag. This shows clearly that it is a wonderful beach despite being small in size.

St. Helen Church

If you have some time, you can pass by this structure that has been in existence for almost 4 centuries now.

Final Verdict

These are just but some of the most interesting places and features that have been awaiting you in Kvarner Bay-Croatia. It may not be the major destination by so many but it is a very interesting place that will make you forget your day to day troubles and experience nature and culture to the maximum.


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