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Eyes of Vinodol

This is not the beginning of a Survivor’s song replica. This is me, sharing this adorable Croatian delight with you, and inviting you to visit it and experience a whole new different dimension. This project is quite recent, and it involves the setting of several amazing point of views along the District of Vinodol as well as the Town of Novi Vinodolski. More precisely, there are 6 stunning belvedere points, with one being more magnificent from the other. No exaggeration here.

The District of Vinodol

Mahavica Belvedere

Mahavica is named after a peak nearby. The belvedere itself is located on a pretty high altitude of almost 800 meters above the sea level, allowing for a majestic view over Drivenik and its surroundings. And what a view is that! You can even see Tribalj from here, as well as its lake. On the other side, you can enjoy observing either the mountain massifs of Učka and Velebit or the gracious Kvarner bay along with their spectacular islands. Mahavica Belvedere is reachable even by car but be careful because the road is pretty narrow. A much better option is heading there either by walking or by bikes. Indeed, Vinodol is the area with infinite bike roads and amazing little places to stop by and simply absorb their beauty. Stop Point Tip: Before heading your way to the next belvedere in line, you can plan a stop at Tribulj, a small yet super-exciting airfield. Here, you can take paragliding lessons and live through a one-time life experience, or simply observe while others are doing it. Whatever your adventure level may be, I am sure you will enjoy this as your favorite stop point of the day.

Pridva Belvedere

Pridva, another belvedere named after a peak in its surrounding, is somehow lower from the first one, with being placed on almost 600 meters above the sea level. Yet, it still offers a simply magnificent view. This amazing stop offers views both of the Kvarner bay with its adorable islands as well as the mountain massifs of Učka on one side and Velebit on the other. And, on top of that, you can also see the town of Crikvenica from here. If you are planning to visit the stop by car, please keep in mind two important things. First of all, the road is quite narrow, just as the one leading to Mahavica. But also, the way back is extremely steep and can become slippery if the terrain is wet.

Slipica Belvedere

Continuing to an even lower level of around 450 meters, you will encounter the longest belvedere of them all: Slipica. This is actually located on a pretty steep cliff made out of stones. And the view is probably one of the most spectacular ones, regardless of its lower position. From here, you can basically see the larger part of the mountain massif Velebit, as well as its fjord. Additionally, your eyes will enjoy looking at the Kvarner bay along with its largest islands. And of course, do not forget to look for Novi Vinodolski as well as for the Valley of Vinodol. What a view! When visiting Slipica Belvedere, the safest option of catching amazingly clear photos is by planning your visit either later in the afternoon or even during the evening. Because of the watery ambience, there may often be a haze during mornings and early afternoons, so this will help you to avoid it. And if you can, spend your sunset-watching here. You will not be sorry, and that is a promise.

The Town of Novi Vinodolski

Gradina Belvedere

Moving on to the town of Novi Vinodolski, here is a great belvedere which you can actually visit within a short walk, as long as you start from the small town of Ledenice. For those who are less eager to walk, yes, the spot can also be reached by car, but why not saving some gas and actually enjoying the nature in its full capacity?
Gradina, as its name suggests, is offering homage to the ancient fortress which is just a few steps away. This place has now become ruins, but it is still worth of the visit. Perhaps you could even imagine soldiers overlooking the area below and searching for any intruders. Furthermore, you may even decide to take a few steps more to see an ancient and non-functioning cemetery. The belvedere is placed less than 400 meters above the sea level, which makes it super-simple to reach but still offering spectacular views. And what you can see is, once again, the magnificent Velebit massif as well as the romantic Kvarner bay. Also, expect to have a good look over the town of Novi Vinodolski.

Sviba Belvedere

If I have to choose my favorite spot among the Eyes of Vinodol, this would be the Sviba Belvedere. Here, calmness is all one can find. From infinite green mountain meadows to the gorgeous Kvarner bay in the background, this place calls for peace and relaxation. It is around 750 meters high, so do expect magnificent views from the top. And, if you are up to an adventurous hike, make sure not to miss the Sviba peak, which is just nearby. And horses. Oh, the horses! With plenty of green surfaces around, be sure to see at least some of them, as long as the weather is nice.

Kuk Belvedere

Last but not least, Kuk Belvedere is located on the lowest level of them all, just at 300 meters. Nonetheless, it is enough to allow its visitors seeing the entire riviera of Novi Vinodolski and extending the view all the way towards the mountain massif of Učka. Simply amazing! Here, you can actually visit by car without any complications. The road is quite brief and large enough, and there is also an ensured parking area a couple of hundreds of meters below the belvedere.

Eyes of Joy

Now that you have briefly gone through all of the 6 belvedere spots living thanks to this amazing project, which one is the first on your to-visit list? Well, I would choose to see all of them. To me, Eyes of Vinodol are not just a tourist project. They are also a place of pure relaxation and joy. Eyes of joy.


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